TrendyTrainer is a concept which is all about fitness, wellness and fashion. It aims to inspire a lifestyle which is active, healthy and balanced. 

The collection

The Trendytrainer Collection is designed for girls who love being active as much as looking stylish and unique. The clothes are designed to take you from yoga to brunch, with both functionality and style which works at the gym as well as on the street. The clothes are designed in Scandinavia, and produced in limited quantity in a small factory on the island of Bali. 

The Trendytrainer retreat

The Trendytrainer Retreat is the perfect holiday for those who wish for a week of training, yoga, wellness and good food. The retreat combines all the values of Trendytrainer. It is ACTIVE, allowing you to boost your training and push limits. It is BALANCED, with focus on yoga and meditation. And it focuses on LIFESTYLE, giving you the opportunity to enjoy healthy plant based food, getting sun kissed on the beach and while meeting and bonding with great people! 

 Meet the founder

The founder of Trendytrainer, Linnéa, is a Swedish fitness instructor who loves working out as much as training others. After having lived in Bali for some time, she decided to bring a bit of Bali to Scandinavia. With a dream to create the perfect active holiday, as well as designing cool and edgy workout clothes, Trendytrainer was born. Combining experience within training and fitness, and business and marketing studies at Norwegian School of Economics, Linnéa aims to create an inspiring platform for other #trendytrainergirls out there!