Food for training by Hanna Dale: Breakfast

Ready to kick start 2017? Look no further. Hanna Fjelde, author of the cookbook "Clean, Happy Food" and the blog "Happy Food Stories" is sharing her ultimate recipes to keep our bodies fueled when working out! 

First out is her Blue Smoothie Bowl w. oats and almonds

The so called "smoothie bowl" is a popular dish on social media these days. Personally I find only drinking a smoothie for breakfast a bit boring. I like that there is something to chew, and I need the feeling of eating something, rather than just drinking, to fill me up. Frankly its easy to make smoothies that are filled with nutrients and that have a balanced supply of both carbs, fat and proteins, as long as you think about what you throw in the blender. I think its a good starting point, as it is easy to make smoothies that almost only contain carbs from fruit and juice, but this will raise your blood sugar, and wont keep you full for long. If you want a smoothie that fills you up and gives you a stable blood sugar all through midday, its a good idea to choose sources of fat and protein as well as carbs from fruit, greens and berries. I like to add oatmeal, line seeds and almonds in my breakfast smoothie, as well as yoghurt/milk. This blue smoothie is a good example of how you can put together a proper breakfast meal, but let yourself inspire and use what you like best of fruit, berries, greens, nuts and seeds! I think the smoothie tastes and fills you up best when it is thick enough to eat with a spoon, with a good dose of topping, as if it was yoghurt or porridge. Find your favorite! 

“Blue smoothie bowl with oats and almonds
1 person

1 banana
three handfulls of frozen blueberries
2 tbs oatmeal
10 almonds
1 ss line seeds
one bit of fresh ginger 
2 tbs natural yoghurt 
100 ml milk

shredded coconut

About Hanna

Hi! My name is Hanna. I´m a master student in clinical nutrition, food blogger and cookbook author. My food philosophy is all about giving the body enough and good food. Basically food that makes the body HAPPY! I am so thired of the fuss about all sorts of diets. Make it easy: Eat a lot of greens, and then add a good mix of everything else! We need it all. 

I am addicted to running and ashtanga yoga. The mix is perfect to me, and make both my body and my mind happy!

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